Friday, January 18, 2013

Song Lyrics from the past

In my mind, the sun shines all the time. Oh I'm just a summer girl, I wear my flip flops, when I wear my hair down, thats when the party starts, and who needs a boyfriend I've got my girlfriends and when we get together the summer never ends. - Leighton Meester "Summer Girl"
Last night, I fell in love without you. I waved goodbye to that heart of mine, leaving solo on your lawn. Every aching wound, will caught a rising bruise, in memory of what we used to call in love. Motion City Soundtrack "Fell in Love Without You."

Let's fly where we used to run, let's fly where we've never gone, let's dream what we've never done, let's make a road where there isn't one, lets fly, let's go where we used to run. When I'm with you I feel so weightless. Landon Austin -"Where We Used to Run"

Tell me the wars you're fighting, behind the smiles you're hiding, all of the things I know you want to say. We tried our best to find us, but there were no lights to guide us, I can't sleep beside a stranger now. And piece by piece we fall apart, with every beat slows down my heart, so I'll just say what you want say. And I'll take the blame if it's for your sake, we are so far gone, we are so far gone. And this is the face of letting go, all these are things we already know. No turning back on what you can't say. James Blunt -"So Far Gone"

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