Sunday, January 27, 2013


I have unresolved feelings for multiple people.
It tears me apart inside that I can't be friends with certain people anymore because there is nothing left.
It makes me upset when my friends blatantly make fun of other people.
I'm ashamed of myself for lying so many times in the past.
When I'm happy there is only one person I really want to know about it, and they don't care.
I take advice and criticism much better from strangers than I do with people in my life.
There are things I still haven't told anyone about what happened.
I miss my best friend from elementary school because her house is the safest place I know.
I crave food from different states and it drives me crazy.
One time I drove my car to a random neighborhood and cried for an hour.
Sometimes when I hang out with people I feel like I'm only doing it so I don't have to be alone.
I feel under appreciated.
I think I've been moodier than I've ever been in my whole life in the last six months.
Sometimes I climb out of my window in the middle of the night and walk around.
I drive by one house on purpose.
Sometimes when I wake up I look at myself and feel so pretty I wish someone was there to see it and tell me that too.
I never cheated on a test up unti my freshman year of high school.
I have terrifying nightmares about the end of the world.
I binge eat and sometimes.
I make it my mission to ruin all surprises because I've had too many bad ones of those in my life.
I still wait because I still have hope.

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