Friday, September 6, 2013

A poem I'd like to entitle "Goodnight Shmoo"

In El Dominio there was a fridge full of half eaten queso containers and a picture of my roommate meeting Justin Bieber while he was high. 
There was an illegally hung white floofy dangling from the ceiling and a little baby cactus named Ferdinand perched precariously on the window frame. Up in their lofted beds two girls with the name Maddie lay exhausted. Goodnight floofy. Goodnight Ferdie. Goodnight homeless lady who sleeps on the steps of McElvaney until someone kicks her out. Goodnight Homebar. Goodnight Makrazy. Goodnight Fiji House. Goodnight taxi row. Goodnight Texas boys. Goodnight communal bathroom stall #4. Goodnight Shmoo.