Sunday, June 1, 2014

Living out my LA Story

Well not exactly... Los Angeles always seemed like a magical fantasy land where the rich and famous eat acai bowls and brunch on expensive looking lettuce with a million dollar view, and that is all extremely true. I discovered though that the magical aura is more a created illusion that only the Valencia filter on Instagram can provide. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing like a fresh California breeze and kale, and the salty sea air is all very alluring, but I missed my queso bowls. I guess it's just the cowgirl in me....
DVF exhibit LACMA


The Bigg Chill

Santa Monica Pier anyone?


and more lemonade...

Salted caramel macaroon 

best truffle mac and cheese of my life

Fabulous Acai bowl at Dogtown Coffee

The view from the Getty Musuem

Getty Gardens

Cause I fell in love
the streets got a glow
the city of angels is calling me home


  1. omg who took the last photo that is amazing I can't even like straight up photographer please send me their contact info so I can have a photo shoot of myself seeing god xoxo thanks darling!