Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Soundtrack of the Summer

As a jobless potato who spends her days driving her younger sister around this city which we shall call Hellhole for safety purposes, I listen to a lot of music in my car while driving around. There are certain songs that really only sound good while blasting through the speakers of my car, speeding down the curvy suburban streets in a star filled summer night. It's a beautiful picture-cruising past the mountains with the air condition whipping back my hair. In those moments all the upsetting issues that cloud my mind during the day such as everyone I know moving on with their lives and my jobless potato state don't seem that bad. It's just me on the road, and sometimes with the right music I feel like it could go on like that forever.

City Lights- Tim McGraw
Rewind- Rascal Flatts
You- The 1975
No More Bad Days- This Wild Life
Landslide- Liam Titcomb
I Can Lift a Car- Walk the Moon
The Cowboy in Me- Tim McGraw
Always Gonna Be You- Kenny Chesney
Sex- Luke Friend (cover)
Waves- Young the Giant
Little Secrets- Passion Pit

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