Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Get Fit July- Eat Clean

Lunch can still be yummy even without the chips and sandwiches. I like to try and eat the most fruit at lunch because I feel like it is comprable to eating goldfish or another side dish. My favorite is a bunch of grapes and strawberries. The wrap has egg whites and ham in it, with just a very light sprinkling of cheese. I melted all of this on the stove so that it all melted together perfectly. To spice up water consumption, I squeezed some strawberry juice into my glass to give it the pretty pink hue and add fruity flavor.

Dinner time is not my favorite meal, but this is simple and delicious. I try to eat vegetables with my dinner, and tonight I picked corn on the cob (which I ended up cutting in half), and carrot sticks. I also ended up eating some apple slices as well. My main protein of the night is a low calorie salmon patty with a very small dollop of ketchup for seasoning. Don't forget to drink another glass of water!

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